The following is an annotated list of medical publications by Kurt Elias, MD.  If you are aware of any additional publications, please let the webmaster know.


  •  Gastroesophageal postemetic lacerations as a source of massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding (The Mallory Weiss syndrome). Glotzer P, Elias K. NEJM 264:817-8. (1961).
  • Squamous cell carcinoma occurring in an“intralobar pulmonary sequestration.” Elias, K. Aufses, AH. Exp Med Surg 18:36-46 (Mar-Jun 1960).
  • Cryoglobulinemia – a clinical and laboratory study. II. Cryoglobulins with rheumatoid factor activity. Meltzer, M. Franklin ED, Elias K, McCluskey RT, Cooper N. Am J Med 40(6): 837-56 (1966).
  • Some studies on basic amines in the blood under physiologic and pathologic conditions. Elias K and Elias H. Exp. Med. Surg. Volume 8(2-4): 89-101. 1950.
  • Acquired atherosclerotic aortopulmonary fistula presenting as new-onset congestive heart failure. The American Journal of Medicine Volume 81, Issue 6, Pages 1114-1115. (1981). K. Elias.
  • Rupture of aortic aneurysm into left pulmonary artery. Attempt at surgical correction. The American Journal of Cardiology. Mark H, Aaron R,  Elias K, Hurwitt E. Volume 1, Issue 6, Pages 757-764. 
  • Osteoblastic Repair of Osteolytic Tumor Metastases Following Treatment. Journal of the American Medical Association. 1975;231(2):135. K. Elias
  • Embolization with Material from Atheromata. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences. November 1949. Volume 218(5).  pp 510-515. Elias K, Zak F. 
  • Progress in the Study of Host Reaction to Cancer. Bull. N. Y. Academy Med. Volume  42(10). pp 896-906. 1966. (Presented at Rudolf Virchow Medical Society Meeting November 1, 1965, New York, New York.)