Ode to Dr Elias

Ode to Dr. Elias
(by Karen Kraskow)
He took a rag and made it fine cloth.
He took a silent child and allowed her to talk.
He saw that there was a storm inside and let it rain,
always taking what came while the stormer did not know of her power
to direct the flow.
When she did, he was still there to give opportunity for controlling the flow.
When she found her way he acknowledged.
He was there for every crisis.
He was there to give his reaction to productive work later.
Where did his effort come from I always wondered.
How concise his life.
How organized he must have been
The discipline of science, the science of discipline - these 
were his two main endeavors
conducted by a human being
He poked the fire of the family, such that every ember burned with admiration, 
The need to listen, take heed.
Writing comes from the struggle
to remember who one was when one knew him as he was
 … the fortune, … the memory – thank you
From a mentee, Of a mentor