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Michael H. Stolbach

dr, elias was my family doctor from the time i was about 5, at the hip group near montefiore hospital in the bronx, and he was still my doctor at the time he retired from private practice in manhattan. the practice of medicine has changed in the last fifty years, and not for the better. unfortunately, having a dr. who knew me, and my nuclear and large immediate family, and who remained available and concerned for almost 45 years, is no longer a likely scenario--and that has greatly diminished the practice of medicine.

Roslyn and Alan Wood

Kurt was our internist at the Montefiore HIP Group in the 1950's , and we kept in touch over the years after we left HIP . The last time we saw him was several years ago on our way to a concert at Tanglewood when we stopped by Gloria's house near Tanglewood Kurt was his usual charming and gracious self . Over the years Alan would run into him at Montefiore and in NY City and we always valued his friendship. Kurt had been quite friendly with Alan's sister , Yvette Parker , but they had an unfortunate misunderstanding years later and she died about 10 years ago.

Family friend

(Submitted by a family friend.)

My mother (...) was an old, long time friend of your father. She is ninety one years old and lives with me.

Your father would call her once or twice a year to say "Hello" and chat. It always meant so much to her and she was very saddened to hear of his death.

I am sure you are aware that his life and passing were the entire back page of the Austrian National magazine.

I only knew him to be most pleasant and gracious when calling my mother but her reaction showed what a fine person he was.

Anonymous colleague

(Submitted by a colleague.)


Thank you for your remembrance of our friend Kurt. We did not know of his passing although we have wonderful memories of him and Gloria. Our relationship with him transcends the years we were not in touch--of the conventions we attendd together, the restaurants the four of us tested and kurt's love of pastries.

once again let me extend our belated condolences to all of you.

Anonymous (patient family)

(Submitted by a family 12/12/2012)

Many thanks for informing me about your father’s death. I am very sorry for your loss. Please extend my condolences to your family and also to Gloria.

My late husband (...) and I met your father and Gloria through Daniel’s good friends, the Kapits. Since my husband's death, I have lost touch with them (...)

My husband and I were very fond of your father and during my husband’s illness when he was a patient on the oncology ward at Montefiore, your father would always go out of his way to visit with him.

Anonymous patient

Thank you very much for your letter informing us that Kurt no longer is among us. I was the general manager for (...) in north america and had Kurt as my doctor. He was a fantastic doctor, who came to our home when needed and helped me a lot in my bout with diabetes. we left new york when i retired in july 1997 and Kurt and Gloria attended my departure reception in the tavern on the green. In the meantime my wife (...) passed away in cancer and i am living with a new (austrian) partner in fort myers , florida.


(Submitted anonymously.)

Dear Peter, Joan and Margaret,

My wife and I were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of your wonderful and humanistic father. We send our sympathies to you and your families. We deem it so kind that you thought us worthy of knowing of your father's passing.

We are sorry it has taken us some time to show our respects. We have been away for some time and our amil has taken forever to catch up with events as they happen.

Again, please accept our condolences to you all.



From Norma Wilk

(Submitted by Norma Wilk.)

December 5, 2010

Kurt was a dear, dear friend who I originally met in Hillsdale, NY in the 1970s when he was courting Gloria and, in fact, I had their wedding party in my house there. My next door neighbor was Anna Roosevelt Halstead (the daughter of Franklin and Eleanor), and the five of us (Kurt, Gloria, Anna and her husband Jim, and me) were very friendly and socialized.