Dear Dr. Clare

(Submitted by Eleanor Kraskow.)

Dear Dr. Clare and family,

Dr. Kurt Elias was a very significant person in my life. I always found Dr. Elias to be a loving,caring and nuturing physician. Whenever I needed assistance or encouragement my first thoughts were to turn to Dr. Elias. He remained steadfast in his efforts to help me. He always made himself available. I formed a bond with Dr. Elias that began when he made a house call at my home when I was eleven. He felt a bond with me. When I was in my early twenties he saved my life. He continued to be my physician until his dying days. In his last conversation wilth me, he said,"I heard that you are home from the hospital. Listen to the doctor for my sake." Dr. Elias set a standard for me by which I measure all other physicans. He will always be in my thoughts and I will miss him deeply.