From Norma Wilk

(Submitted by Norma Wilk.)

December 5, 2010

Kurt was a dear, dear friend who I originally met in Hillsdale, NY in the 1970s when he was courting Gloria and, in fact, I had their wedding party in my house there. My next door neighbor was Anna Roosevelt Halstead (the daughter of Franklin and Eleanor), and the five of us (Kurt, Gloria, Anna and her husband Jim, and me) were very friendly and socialized.

Anna got cancer and she was adamant that Kurt be her doctor. She found him so sympathetic, humane, and caring that she would not use anyone else, even though there were doctors who were more local. I had a lot in common with Kurt, because we both loved music so much and we both played piano.

Kurt was affectionate and interested in me and my family. He was a kind and charming man and I will miss him dearly.