Roslyn and Alan Wood

Kurt was our internist at the Montefiore HIP Group in the 1950's , and we kept in touch over the years after we left HIP . The last time we saw him was several years ago on our way to a concert at Tanglewood when we stopped by Gloria's house near Tanglewood Kurt was his usual charming and gracious self . Over the years Alan would run into him at Montefiore and in NY City and we always valued his friendship. Kurt had been quite friendly with Alan's sister , Yvette Parker , but they had an unfortunate misunderstanding years later and she died about 10 years ago.

One anecdote I remember is that when I was in my early 20's( and before we had children) I worked. One afternoon I developed a rash and was worried about going to work the next day. We called Kurt , who must have been on duty , and asked him if he could come by and take a look. (This was still in days when MDs made house calls). Kurt told Alan he couldn't and that we should come to the office the next day. Later that evening (about 9pm) as I was lying in bed we heard someone playing the piano in the living room , and to our surprise it was Kurt , who had stopped by on his way home to Bronxville to check me out and had let himself into the apartment ( that was also back in the days when one left the door to an apartment unlocked ) . The diagnosis turned out to be chicken pox , which was a complete surprise and may have spared Shell Chemical a chicken pox epidemic. I stayed home until cured.

Even when he was no longer our physician we always felt comfortable asking him for advice.

We are sorry to hear about his death and appreciate your notifying us. He was a very special person in our lives , as we imagine he was in yours, and we remember him fondly.

Best Wishes,

Alan & Roslyn Wood