Michael H. Stolbach

dr, elias was my family doctor from the time i was about 5, at the hip group near montefiore hospital in the bronx, and he was still my doctor at the time he retired from private practice in manhattan. the practice of medicine has changed in the last fifty years, and not for the better. unfortunately, having a dr. who knew me, and my nuclear and large immediate family, and who remained available and concerned for almost 45 years, is no longer a likely scenario--and that has greatly diminished the practice of medicine. dr elias was not just there to take tests and send me to specialists, he understood that i had a psyche and that life resulted from it, and that sometimes--although, i'm sure he would say all times or most times, attention to the psyche was the key to well being! i have missed not being in touch with him this past decade, and i wish to extend my condolences to his son and daughters, his widow.