The Montefiore Ombudsman

(Submitted by Greg Solomon.)

Dear Gloria and family,

Kurt excelled as an ombudsman physician at Montefiore Medical Center, training those of who were lucky enough to learn from him that there was so much more to a patient's experience than a list of symptoms to pursue and series of tests to perform. He was compassionate, patient and dedicated to understanding patients' stories, essential elements to being a truly great physician. I will miss him as a colleague, confidant and mentor.  

Greg Solomon,

New York, New York

The Man (who he was)

(Submitted by Cousin Susi.)

I have anecdotes but wanted to contribute an observation first. I was surprised, upon reading Kurt's memories, to see how his profession permeated his life. We all knew how dedicated he was but I had no idea to what extent. An example is that, in his description of my mother's first fiancé, a man who died in Vienna over 70 years ago, he mentioned the cause of death, which, as far as I know, didn't even have a name back then!