Christmas Eve will never be the same

(Submitted by Ellen Stein.)

My husband Dick and I met Kurt and Gloria, via our friendship with Hanni and Milton. We so enjoyed being with Kurt at Hanni's small dinner parties, where his warm greetings, great conversation, and heartfelt hugs, were memorable. He seemed to love sharing his Mount Sinai experiences, with Dick, who is on staff there. We both so enjoyed and looked forward to his company.


My life wth BB

(Submitted by Peter Lynn.)

In some 70 years, Kurti and I were never separated regardless of physical distance. In our small intimate group consisting of Peter Benedict, Lizzy, Susi, the Alkalays, Fred and Ilse Grunwald - he and I were known as BB whereby the first B stood for brother, the second B, however, I am sure he would not have wanted to be public to a vast unknown audience. Regardless of distance, our deep and intimate contact never wavered.