The Montefiore Ombudsman

(Submitted by Greg Solomon.)

Dear Gloria and family,

Kurt excelled as an ombudsman physician at Montefiore Medical Center, training those of who were lucky enough to learn from him that there was so much more to a patient's experience than a list of symptoms to pursue and series of tests to perform. He was compassionate, patient and dedicated to understanding patients' stories, essential elements to being a truly great physician. I will miss him as a colleague, confidant and mentor.  

Greg Solomon,

New York, New York

Dear Dr. Kurt

(Submitted by the Harnik family.)

Dr. Kurt.

No better friend, doctor, husband, father and great-grandfather. There was no hour too early, too late or too inconvenient to help troubled fellow souls. His friendships started from his scout-years in Vienna and continued to the last days of his long life. As Vertrauensarzt for the Austrian community he was the dear doctor for countless, grateful Foreign Service employees and emigrees. He won't be forgotten.

Edith, Peter, Stephen Harnik


Thoughts about Kurt

(Submitted by Susan Winter.)

Oh, so many thoughts about Kurt........his Viennese elegance; his clear sense of his own values and his own place in the world; his warmth; his devotion to his patients, his pride in Gloria and his children. I send you my sympathy and my love.

-Susan Winter