Kurt was a fine story teller, and one of the best ways to know and remember him is with stories about him. The collected stories here are but a precious sampling. Please feel free to use the contact form to contribute an anecdote or memory for our collection. No one is ever truly gone while they are remembered.


(Submitted by Peter Berczeller.)

Dear Gloria,

We haven't seen each toher for many years, but I want you to know that I've always thought of the two of you fondly.

My friendly condolences to you and the family.

Peter Berczeller [peterberczeller at aol dot com]


Cherished memories

(Submitted by Phyllis, Alan, Jill and Laura.)

Dear Gloria, Peter, Joan and Margaret.

Uncle Kurt was the most wonderful, kind, warm and thoughtful uncle. He will always have a very special place in my heart. I will always cherish my wonderful memories of him.

My family and I send our love and our deepest sympathy.

Phyllis, Alan, Jill and Laura


Thinking of you

(Submitted by Carol and Allan McLeod.)



(Submitted by Irith Jawetz.)

I have known Dr. Kurt Elias since he became "Vertraungsarzt" of the Austrian Consulate General in New York. I have been working at the Consulate for the last 38 years and have been in contact with him professionally and privately. I have always loved and cherished him and will always remember him for the wonderful human being that he was

From an old scout friend

(Submitted by Hans Weiss.)

Note from Edith

(Submitted by Edith Harnik.)

Dear dear Kurt,


Letter from a former patient

(Submitted by Geroge Stein.)

We met at City Hospital

(Submitted by Shirley Grossman, MD.)


from the daughter of a friend and patient

(Submitted by Karen Dorothy Otten Elias.)


(Submitted by Joan Elias.)

I am Kurt's daughter Joan, and I went to school with Liz Elias. Coincidence or small world, this is a nice connection.